Call For Nominations…Board of Director

Could this be you?

Pennsylvania’s Education for All Coalition (PEAC) is a partnership of parents, educators, related professionals and others working together to support the education of ALL children, together in their neighborhood schools, including children of different backgrounds and abilities.

To succeed at our mission we need a strong board of directors.  

Board members

  • Are committed to PEAC’s Mission
  • Help with donations and fundraisers
  • Attend 6 board meetings a year
  • Volunteer on a committee
  • Attend PEAC trainings and events
  • Give back to students with disabilities and their families
  • Receive professional development
  • And, most importantly, help students with disabilities and their families.

We are especially looking for people with a background in higher education, supporting diversity and technology, as well as siblings and other family members of people with disabilities.  People with financial expertise and planning are needed.

If you would like to spend your time helping others, and in doing so, helping yourself, please consider volunteering for the PEAC Board.  For more information about PEAC and/or how to submit your name for board nomination, please contact Diane Perry at [email protected] or call (267) 232-0570.

Download an application